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These are actual impressions of real fish, lobsters, crab shells, octopus, etc. I take a fish and make a rubber mold directly from it. I then pour a product called Hydrostone or concrete ( special orders only) into the rubber mold. A galvanized wire is embedded deeply into the back of each hanging wall piece, making it easy to hang. The pieces are hand peeled from the rubber mold and are sun dried. Each piece is then hand painted with a water base acrylic paint and a light water based sealer is applied giving each piece a finished look.

There are endless things I can design from this technique and working with natural treasures is fun and rewarding. Most of my nautical designs are from tropical oceans and I hope to expand to fresh water tropical fish along with many other natural treasures. I love blending nature and art together to make my designs. I call these works of art my future fossils.


When placing your sculptures in your environment:

If placed indoors or covered patio or overhangs, no special care is needed.

If placed outdoors in the direct elements, it is advisable to put a water sealer (Thompsons) once a year so you can enjoy years of lasting pleasure.

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